Our rules

Please read carefully the rules below which are applicable upon validation of the project.

  • Appointments only with deposit, which will be deducted at the last session. Otherwise the deposit will not be refunded after canceling a project as it covers expenses for preparatory works, discussion time, research etc.
  • You can cancel your appointment up to 3 working days before the date, no-show means revocation of your deposit and you have to pay again for your next appointment.
  • To keep your tattoo appointment you must be in good health
    and in the event of one or more symptoms of illness such as a cough, sore throat, fever or muscle aches….
    notify us as soon as possible to cancel the appointment.
  • Also inform us if you have close contact with one or more sick people in your household or at work,
    so that we can see together if we can keep the appointment.
  • No delay accepted, please be on time and  contact us in case of a possible delayed arrival.
    Delay time can be billed to the same rate as a tattoo.
  • Please come alone to your tattoo appointment or ask us beforehand.
  • You have to pay cash (CHF) after the tattoo session.
Tattoo Care
  • Follow the care instructions, if a problem occurs, call us or download our care instructions (french | german).
  • Contact us for a final check of the healed tattoo within three months of the last session, after this time all touch up will be charged.
  • You should leave your political and other personal views at home.
    We have the right to refuse either designs / motifs as well as position of tattoos.

If you have any doubt or you need more information, just call ur or mail us.