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The Ossarium Death Expert III:
Guy Labo-O-Kult, Painter and Tattoo Artist

1 What does the picture show? How is it related to your occupation/work?

In the picture, I am painting (the painting is entitled « Kairos »; Kairos is an immaterial concept of time that is not measured by the clock but by feeling, i.e. when you know it is the right time to act).
Painting, together with drawing and tattooing, are my favorite artistic activities.
My artistic work is primarily about one guiding theme, skulls. I start my days by drinking my coffee and sketching a skull. A skull is not only aesthetically fascinating, it is also a powerful symbol for many different cultures.

2 What does death represent for you personally?

Death for me is introspective. My interest in death is a search for depth in a superficial world of distraction. It is an inevitable statement in an artificial society. It represents the culmination, the final act of life, an elapsed time, a measure of our possibilities. In life, as in death, nothing is given, nothing is lasting. The idea of death offers a hope of tranquility which helps me to focus, and the use of the image of death in my everyday work settles me.

3 Can you tell us about an event (preferably in the context of your occupation/work) related to death that you will never forget?

When I held my first skull in my hands and I could examine it from every angle, or the very first time I found myself surrounded by thousands of human skulls in the catacombs of Paris, I felt a deep and comforting peace. But I also felt like a kid in a candy store…