Do you like graphic-realistic designs?
Hell yes, this is a great basis for a good collaboration.

More about me, below the portfolio :

I enjoy designing motifs that are rich in detail and depth, sometimes dark, sometimes simply beautiful,
always with a fair bit of graphic realism, my style is full of careful finesse and a game of light and shadow.

I have been living the passion of tattooing for almost two decades
and my work has proven its worth beyond Switzerland in Europe.
My drawing skills, visual memory and listening sense have earned me a good reputation,
and furthermore, diverse professional and artistic exchanges have allowed me to refine my technical and graphic skills.

One of my strengths is that I listen to your initial idea
and even if you don’t know exactly what you want,
I will capture the essence in your words and shape it into a unique, creative design to your and my complete satisfaction.
To achieve this, of course, I need trust and artistic freedom to add a vibrant and unique dimension to any project.

If you just have an empty head and no idea but would like a tattoo in my style…. click here to discover some of my “wanna do” designs.

An email doesn’t commit you to anything, so don’t hesitate and just ask me what I think of your idea 🙂