Happy that we can reopen on April 27, 2020 after the corona lockdown😀

Guy Labo-O-Kult
Labo-O-Kult is ready

As required by the Federal Council, the reopening will take place with some additional restrictions and measures.
We are in the process of drafting a protection plan which we will adapt as and when official recommendations are made.

In broad outline here is our draft of the protection plan:

Additional mesures for tattoo appointments
  1. Come alone, no companion we be allowed.
  2. Be in a good health
    > In case of one or more symptoms such as cough, sore throat, shortness of breath with or without fever, feeling of fever or muscle pain,
    notify us as soon as possible to cancel the appointment.
    > Warn if you are among those at risk
    > On the day of the appointment, a questionnaire annexed to the discharge must be completed.
  3. Inform as soon as possible if you are in close contact in your household or work with one or more people with COVID-19 in order to define if the appointment can be maintained.
  4. If possible take a new hygienic mask with you otherwise we will provide one with instructions for use.
  5. Keep the distance (2m) when arriving in the workshop. Go directly to wash your hands and disinfect them by following the instructions posted.
    The operation must be repeated before and after each break.
We ensure that:
  1. As usual but with even more attention we clean and disinfect the entire studio, handles, switches, surfaces … and the sanitary facilities are cleaned regularly and carefully before and after each client.
  2. We air the rooms regularly.
  3. We provide soap and hydroalcoholic gel.
  4. In the tattoo room, wearing a mask is compulsory for tattooists and clients.
  5. It will be possible to pay using the mobile postfinance or twint app.