Art, Graphics  & Tattoo

Art, Graphics & Tattoo

Creating artworks & graphis on canvas, paper and under the skin


Somber  –  Creative – Aesthetic

Somber – Creative – Aesthetic

We love the arcane beauty

Somber creativity

Graphic-realistic Aesthetic

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Passionate – Idiosyncratic – Sinister – Misanthropic

We are Ka L-O-K, graphic artist & Guy Labo-O-Kult, tattooist and artist.
We are Labo-O-Kult, occult laboratory, in the middle of Switzerland in the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne.

We are artists with passion and the urge to create every day in the face of death,
loving the arcane beauty of darkness, sinister imagery, passionate art and graphic design.

We want to use our vocation to compose exceptional art, design and tattoos.
Thus, you will not find copying but artistic creation, imagination and talent.

You come along with your initial idea and we adapt it in our unique and personal style.

Let’s Celebrate Art & Passion.


We create with passion.

Ka L-O-K | GraphiKArt

I’m creating by manipulating images, composing with textures, mixing traditional painting techniques with digital editing. Drawing inspiration from written words and out of my inner darkness I produce somber, melancholic images to solace the dark passenger within everyone. Impulsively dissecting the present moment to remind us of the memento mori.

Ka L-O-K | HelvEdition

HelvEdition — An nature-themed art series for outdoors lovers, inspired by Swiss nature and fauna, created by using traditional painting techniques and digital proceedings.HelvEdition — Inspired by Swiss nature and fauna, created by using traditional painting techniques and digital proceedings.

Ka L-O-K | Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art to decorative handwriting and lettering. I love this art form as inspiration and meditation.

Guy Labo-O-Kult | Tattoo

Hell o, I’m tattooing since nearly two decades. I’ve travelled throughout Europe as guest artists, worked in on my own in Geneva as well as together with other artists in Winterthur and I’m now back to my roots in my hometown Biel. I’ve learned a lot during these artistic exchanges and could forge my reputation and abilities. Thanks to my drawing skills and visual memory I love to compose designs and tattoos rich in detail and dimension. Sometimes sombre and sinister, sometimes graphic and disturbing, yet always realistic and with an unique subtle refinement, my dark passionate style as a memento mori full of light and shadow. I’m sensitive to your initial idea and from there I will create a motif using my expertise and my propre creative style to ensure perfect satisfaction for you and me. For this I need an artistic liberty which allows new dimensions to my and your imagination.

Guy Labo-O-Kult | Painting

Painting is part of my artistic evolution… from graphite pencil to charcoal and then to brushes. Painting, being more expressive, allows an even deeper approach to subject and matter.

Guy Labo-O-Kult | Illustration

Drawing enriches me, I like to draw and sharpen my eye because learning comes from practice and it also allows me to experiment. I love to draw with charcoal for its darkness and its structured and deep rendering.

Ka L-O-K | Graphic Design

Graphic artist by passion and graphic designer by development. I’m combing my analytic and creative capabilities to master any kind of graphic challenges. Drawing my inspiration from nature, music, movies, calligraphy and typography. I create by digital manipulation and I would love to work with you, I’m focused, ready and available for commission work, loving to conceive cover artworks, poster, flyers…

Labo-O-Kult | Merchdesign

Apparel as well as music and books covers are an essential vectors to transport a message and we like to create designs for our own brand… Yet, we are open for commission works for events, bands, book covers ... if our style is yours. Contact us.

Labo-O-Kult | Photography

Each of us loves taking pictures .... Guy uses them as references for tattooing, painting and drawing. Ka takes pictures of natural and urban structures, colours and atmospheres and uploading them regularly on instagram or reworks them for new creations.

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