One day you will die

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One Day You Will Die But Every Other Day You Will Live

Guy Labo-O-Kult with his painting "one day or another"
Guy Labo-O-Kult with his artwork “One Day or Another” | Acrylic on Canvas

Art Incognito

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We participate in the biannual art show “Art Incognito” at the gallery, CafĂ© du Soleil in SaignelĂ©gier.
Flyer "Art Incognito" - Galerie au Café du Soleil, SaignelÚgier
Flyer “Art Incognito” – Galerie au CafĂ© du Soleil, SaignelĂšgier

New ideas and holiday

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Summertime and the lake and the mountains are calling and we must go… therefore the shop will be closed from July 22nd until August 6th.

Yet we have updated the tattoo gallery as well as added the newest wanna do ideas from Guy


New Wanna Do ideas by Guy
New Wanna Do ideas by Guy

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Inauguration of new atelier

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We’ve clinked glasses, had great discussions, good music, a special artshow during the inaugruation party of our new shop- atelier at Rue d’Aarberg 92 in 2502 Bienne  😃


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